Vendor Evaluation


Vendor Evaluation Overview:

When a tribal client is in need of procuring new equipment or services that requires a large investment the process of choosing a vendor can be a lengthy and difficult undertaking. NorthernLights Advisory Services provides the following to our tribal clients engaging our Vendor Evaluation Services.
  • Draft request for proposal.
  • Determine which vendors would potentially qualify to provide the equipment or services required by the tribal client.
  • Field questions from vendors.
  • Read and evaluate all vendor proposals for completeness and accuracy.
  • Research and present information on each vendor prior to meetings.
  • Develop a vendor comparison.
  • Attend and evaluate the vendor proposal meetings.
  • Present vendor pros and cons after all vendor meetings are completed.
  • Assist the tribal client in narrowing down the list of vendors.
  • Call vendor references and confirm qualifications.
  • Request and obtain best and final pricing.
  • Prepare price comparison and present to the tribal client.
  • Review price proposals and negotiate final bids.
  • Assist the tribal client with making final decision.
  • Draft and present final recommendation report for tribal council approval.

Vendor Evaluation Benefits:

NorthernLights Advisory Services provides the following benefits to the tribal clients using our Vendor Evaluation Services.
  • Understand the objective of the product or service procurement.
  • Consider all cost effective options available.
  • Identify the best possible options for the tribal client by utilizing our experience with vendors.
  • Position the tribal client for the best possible vendor selection through a comprehensive Request for Proposal and binding proposals from vendors.
  • Provide the tribal client protection by working with legal staff to include essential contract language and ensure the best services are obtained.
  • Secure the best possible price for the equipment or services to be provided.
  • Evaluate all vendor proposals and provide a fair comparison.
  • Provide the tribal clients with a complete and objective opinion.