Interim Management


Interim Management Overview:

The consultants at NorthernLights Advisory Services have served in executive and senior management roles for many companies within the gaming, hospitality, oil and gas, and utilities industries.  NorthernLights Advisory Services can serve in an executive role for the short-term in a transition management role or serve for a longer period in an interim management role.  We can also serve on a long-term basis if the tribal client is interested in having us carry on the executive management roles over a longer period.

Interim Management Benefits:

NorthernLights Advisory Services provides the following benefits to the tribal clients engaging our Interim Management Services.
  • Ability for the tribal client to quickly change current executive management team and maintain operations without a slowdown or stoppage in operations.
  • Creates an opportunity for the tribal client to install a new executive management team that brings years of experience with other companies within the same industry.
  • Allows for the tribal client to work with the executives from NorthernLights Advisory Services to understand the immediate and long-term operational issues that the company faces and work on solutions.
  • Allows for the opportunity for the NorthernLights Advisory Service executives to work with tribal leaders to create positive changes that improve the profitability of the company.
By engaging our executives on an interim basis, tribal clients can avoid having to pay the high salaries and high costs of healthcare benefits that are paid to more permanent executives employed by the company.