Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations Overview:

With more than 24 years of experience, the NorthernLights Advisory Services consultants negotiate contract terms and conditions that provide for the specific services required by the tribal client and at the best prices.  Our consultants have also negotiated revenue generating contracts, including oil & gas contracts, power sales contracts, and asset sales agreements with a focus on maximizing revenues for the tribal client.  We negotiate terms that ensure vendors address the tribe’s specific issues and long term objectives.

The consultants at NorthernLights Advisory Services have negotiated hundreds of contracts for clients.  We maintain a database of terms and conditions that provides clients with an advantage when negotiating contracts.  Our ContractNegotiation Services offers the following to our tribal clients.

  • On-site meeting with the tribal client to understand goals and scope of the contract to be negotiated.  Specifically, we discuss the following with the tribal client:
    • Goals and objectives of the tribal client in regard to the contract.
    • Prospective vendor experience.
    • Review of available documents provided by the tribal client or vendor.
    • Vendor evaluation process.
    • Contract negotiation process.
  • Read and evaluate vendor proposals.
  • Develop and ask questions of vendors on their proposals.
  • Field ongoing vendor questions.
  • Obtain, document, and provide information on vendors.
  • Obtain best and final pricing.
  • Provide the tribal client and legal staff with a comprehensive list of additional contract terms.
  • Send contract terms and conditions to competing vendors.
  • Conduct on-site discussion of vendor responses to the issued terms, conditions, and financial penalties.
  • Review pricing proposals and negotiate final bids.
  • Obtain final vendor support commitments in conjunction with the tribal client and the legal staff.

Contract Negotiation Benefits:

NorthernLights Advisory Services provides the following benefits to the tribal clients engaging our Contract Negotiation Services.
  • Negotiate the best terms and conditions that meet the needs of the tribal client at the best price.
  • Achieve terms and conditions for revenue generating contracts that maximize the net revenue to be obtained by the tribal client.
  • Assist the tribal client in making an educated vendor decision.
  • Provide the tribal client and lawyers with contract terms and conditions that protect the tribal client and ensure the best possible vendor service.
  • Secure the best possible prices on services or products to be provided.
  • Evaluate vendor proposals in a way that provides for a complete and fair comparison of pricing and other terms and conditions.