Existing Company Assessment


The NorthernLights Advisory Service team members have a passion for helping Tribal Nations improve the performance of the companies they own.

We are in the business of delivering positive change to improve company performance on behalf of tribal nations. We provide the insights and implementation expertise needed to deliver results to improve financial performance in the areas of gaming, hospitality, oil and gas, and utilities.  Our consultants work with the existing management team or a newly assigned management team to explore opportunities to reduce costs and improve revenues by driving changes in operations and educating management on decision making that aligns with the interest of our tribal clients that own the companies.

Existing Company Assessment Challenge:

One of the greatest challenges of tribes is to ensure that revenue is maximized by management through the employment of qualified personnel, the correct systems and software, and the right processes.  Another challenge is to be sure that constant expense reduction efforts are engrained within the management teams and a part of the everyday management process.  Often, improving revenues and reducing expenses requires a fresh look at how the companies are being operated to provide management with options to increase revenues and reduce costs.
Managing capital expenditures in an optimal way is also another challenge.  It is essential that management consider the various options available to them and that they perform the proper analyses before investing in capital equipment

NorthernLights Solution:

Using our knowledge of best practices and expertise gained from assisting hundreds of clients, NorthernLights Advisory Services can ensure the successful development and execution of each company’s strategic plan.
NorthernLights Advisory Services recognizes that each company faces its own challenges and opportunities and that the solutions available to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities often requires a customized approach.  NorthernLights Advisory Services will perform a detailed due diligence of each company and work with the current management team to explore opportunities to cut costs and enhance revenues.  Once the opportunities are identified, our consultants will work with the management team to develop a budget to be approved by the tribal leaders and then develop a plan to execute on that budget.  NorthernLights Advisory Services will provide ongoing monitoring services to ensure that budgets are maintained and the strategic plan is executed properly.

NorthernLights Deliverables:

After the NorthernLights Advisory Services consultants have completed the due diligence process and evaluated the management team and organization as a whole, they will make strategic recommendations and answer questions in the following areas.
  • Deliver a customized strategic plan.
  • Maximize tribal shareholder value.
  • Enhance revenues.
  • Improve operating efficiencies.
  • Perform a gap analysis: current company conditions versus agreed to strategic plan.
  • Create accountability by management for execution of strategic plan.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of execution of strategic plan.
The strategic plan will assist in answering the following questions:
  • Which operating costs can be reduced by changing the operating process or decision process?
  • What are the possible areas to enhance revenues?
  • Can the company be a viable organization going forward?
  • Are there opportunities to restructure vendor contracts to reduce costs?
  • Are there business processes that need to be restructured in order to cut costs or enhance revenues and how do they need to be restructured?
  • Are there services that can be more cost effectively performed in-house or through a third-party vendor?
  • Are capital expenditure decisions being evaluated properly?
  • Is the management team operating the company in the most efficient manner?
  • Does the management team have the proper tools and reporting to manage the organizations progress against the goals identified within the strategic plan?
  • Is the management team focused on providing shareholder value to the tribe?

Existing Company Assessment Benefits:

NorthernLights Advisory Services’ value comes from the ability to work with existing management teams and offer advice on how to more efficiently operate the companies they manage in order to benefit our tribal clients.
With our vast experience in restructuring companies, NorthernLights Advisory Services will add our knowledge and understanding to the assessment engagement.  Our team will deliver a plan that is unbiased, all inclusive, easily implemented and a source of guidance for future decision making.  After developing the strategic plan, we then work with the management team to execute it and continue to monitor adherence to the plan once the initial execution is completed.